Summa Scriptura
“...and we read that ‘Every Scripture suitable for edification is divinely inspired.’”  De Cultu Feminarum 3:30   ~Tertullian
Accepted by Ethiopian and Historically by Armenian Orthodox
The Book of Enoch
RH Charles Version
Richard Laurence Version
George Schodde Version
Parallel Version

Read: The Book of Enoch
Messianic Prophecy Edition

“Time-Capsule to the Last Generation”

Books Accepted by Ethiopian Orthodox
The Book of Jubilees
GH Schodde Version
RH Charles Version
The Things Omitted from Jeremiah the Prophet
Robert Kraft Version
Jacques Issaverdens Version
Martyrdom of Isaiah
RH Charles Version
Accepted Historically by Armenian Orthodox
Joseph and Asenath
Jacques Issaverdens Version
Lives of the Prophets
CC Torrey Version
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
RH Charles Version
Robert Grotshead Version
Parallel Version
Books Accepted by Syrian Orthodox
Apocalypse of Baruch
RH Charles Version
Psalms 151-155
W. Wright Version
Books Accepted Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican
New Revised Standard Version
Revised Standard Version
The Greek Version of The Book of Esther
Revised Standard Version
The Wisdom of Solomon
Revised Standard Version
The Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach
Revised Standard Version
Revised Standard Version
The Letter of Jeremiah
Revised Standard Version
The Rest of the Book of Daniel:
The Prayer of Azariah (Revised Standard Version)
Susanna (Revised Standard Version)
Bel and the Serpent (Revised Standard Version)
First Book of Maccabees (Revised Standard Version)
Second Book of Maccabees (Revised Standard Version)
Books Accepted by Ethiopian, Greek, Armenian, and Russian Orthodox and Anglican
1 Esdras (Revised Standard Version)
The Prayer of Manasseh (Revised Standard Version)   /   The Life of Manasseh, A Biblical Harmony (ESV/RSV)
Psalm 151 (Revised Standard Version)
Accepted by Ethiopian, Armenian and Russian Orthodox
The Revelation to Ezra (Revised Standard Version)
Accepted by Armenian and Russian Orthodox
Third Book of Maccabees (Revised Standard Version)
Accepted by Greek orthodox
Fourth Book of Maccabees (Revised Standard Version)
Included in the Greek Septuagint
Psalms of Solomon
G. Buchanan Gray Version
One-Year-Apocrypha Reading Plan
One-Year-Apocrypha Online
One-Year-Bible Online
One-Year-Bible+Apocrypha Reading Checklist (MS Excel. Contains Bible+Apocrypha. Print landscape double-sided.)

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